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Tax Rep Network with Eric Green

Dec 22, 2021

Eric GreenIt's easy these days to become overwhelmed: law changes, client issues, marketing, family stuff, politics, news, COVID. We get it. Eric has spoken about the need to focus on what is directly in front of you and keep your world small. Why? It’s what he learned from his friends who are now former Navy Seals. So, who...

Dec 4, 2021

Eric GreenWith the 2022 tax season bearing down on us, Eric Green discusses what every tax professional should be thinking about right now and how to make your 1040 practice more enjoyable and profitable than ever before!



Nov 30, 2021

Eric GreenMichelle Weinstein (from The Abundant Accountant) is back to discuss with Eric the difference between Sales and Marketing and what tax pros should be doing now to boost...

Nov 17, 2021

Eric GreenIn this quick message, Eric discusses what he saw when filtering through more than 4,000 questions on Offers, why the 433 form is so critical, and his upcoming workshop and guide to help tax pros become Offer masters.



Nov 8, 2021

Eric GreenJoining Eric on the podcast again is Jason Freeman from Freeman Law to discuss the current state of IRS Enforcement on foreign bank accounts and international form filings, what options taxpayers still have to resolve these issues, and what advice we should be giving clients today. Jason and Eric also discuss the...