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Tax Rep Network with Eric Green

Dec 30, 2019

Eric GreenWith IRS Enforcement increasing thanks to the new IRS Commissioner, and with more than 22 million taxpayers in need of help, this is the time to launch your Representation practice! Consider the following facts:

  • According to the IRS, there are 15 million taxpayers in the Collection Division inventory
  • The IRS has announced it has identified more than 7 million non-filers it will be pursuing in 2020
  • The IRS is beginning enforcement sweeps in “underserved” areas of the US
  • The average price of a 1040 tax return has fallen from $365 to $261 in the last 5 years
  • Almost 60% of all Americans are filing their own tax returns (and screwing them up, creating more work for representation)

There has been no better time to move your practice into the highly lucrative area of IRS representation. Check out Tax Rep LLC at and lets make 2020 the year you earn what you deserve!

Looking for the Accountant’s Guide to IRS Collection and Accountant’s Guide to Resolving Tax Debts? Check them out here: