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Tax Rep Network with Eric Green

Sep 22, 2020

Eric GreenIn a very special episode of the Tax Rep Network Podcast, this week Eric is joined by the IRS’s new Fraud Czars: Damon Rowe and Carolyn Schenck. Damon is the first Director of the IRS’s newly created Fraud Enforcement Office. Carolyn Schenck is the current IRS National Fraud Counsel and is also Assistant Division Counsel in the Small Business/Self Employed Division. In this episode they discuss what has changed with the creation of the new Fraud Enforcement Office, how they work with the other divisions of the IRS, and how they think the IRS will now be able to better develop fraud cases and fraud referrals to IRS Criminal Investigations.

Want to contact the IRS’s Fraud Czars? Contact Damon and Carolyn at: