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Tax Rep Network with Eric Green

Oct 14, 2021

Eric GreenOn this week’s podcast, Eric discusses the realization of what it is to take extreme ownership in your practice, what happens when you don’t, and how to turn things around. Eric quotes former navy seals Jocko Willink and Andy Stumpf during the episode, and so wants to share their content with you at the following...

Oct 5, 2021

Eric GreenJoining Attorney Eric Green this week is Walter Pagano. Walter is a partner and tax controversy leader at Eisner Advisory Group in New York where he specializes in forensic accounting and controversy issues. Walter and Eric discuss why the IRS wants the Quickbooks file, the rules around their ability to obtain it, and...

Aug 18, 2021

Eric GreenIn this week’s podcast Eric responds to questions about how and why he does what he does. Learn from what Eric went through and does to run a $ million practice, stay on top of everything and still have a life.



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Aug 3, 2021

Eric GreenIn this week’s podcast, Eric discusses why those tax rep clients are pure gold, and how you should consider these cases to save the client, elevate your practice and help all of us tax paying citizens!



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Jul 1, 2021

Eric GreenThis week, Eric explains why your reliance on the IRS employee is misplaced. Just because the IRS employee is an “Offer Specialist” doesn’t mean they know the first thing about Offers. Eric discusses how to approach bad results, how to improve your client’s case of acceptance at appeals, and how to deal with IRS...